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The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast | ELA

Jun 15, 2023

So here’s the thing. High school kids have about 10,000 things on their agenda just above going to the library to pick out a book. And if they do make it to the library, the librarian (through no fault of their own!) likely won’t know them well enough to help them get the book that is going to have them flipping the pages at midnight when they know they should be asleep but the plot is just so amazing they can’t help but read. 

These days I see a classroom library as an absolutely essential part of any high school ELA classroom. They can all be books borrowed from the school library - in fact, that’s pretty much always what I did when I was first getting started with choice reading. Or they can be books you gather over the years through donations, book sales, garage sales, and Donors Choose projects.

Having books right in your classroom that students can borrow and read in your choice reading program makes a huge difference. Especially if you can showcase some of them covers out and incorporate them into your choice reading system with book talks and fun displays. 

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