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The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast | ELA

Apr 27, 2023

This week on Highly Recommended  I’m sharing one of my favorite sources for writing prompts, Dr. John Spencer’s video writing prompts channel.

Personally, I love his short, impactful videos for educators as well as for students. I like how they get to the point in three or four minutes, and how they incorporate sketchnotes - one of my favorite things - to help us as viewers to visualize the most important ideas John shares.

The video prompts are organized into four categories, making it super easy to find the kind of writing you want your students to do. You can choose from creative thinking prompts, story prompts, persuasive prompts, and informational text prompts. 

To give you an idea of what’s there, here are a few example titles:

  • “You are a Real-Estate Agent for Magical Homes” 

  • “Should Schools Ban Junk Food”

  • “What are 5 Things you Want your Teacher to Know”

  • “Create a Map of Your Life”

You could easily make these prompts into a regular class activity this month or build them into one of your writing units. I also think any one of them could become the basis of a much larger project than a quick write.

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