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The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast | ELA

Apr 25, 2023

Thinking about a trip overseas to Europe someday? Or in the mood for a little armchair travel? 

OR, maybe you're thinking about teaching abroad, and you're curious about the travel part of living in a new place...

I've been getting some fun requests for tips about travel to this region of Europe where I live now, and they make me so happy! I love sharing about the beautiful places we've been lucky to visit since moving to Bratislava, and since I've been listening to travel podcasts for the last fifteen years, I just can't resist the chance to try it for myself, just this once.

So today we're deviating a bit from our usual focus on creative teaching. Because sometimes travel helps recharge creative teacher batteries!

Plus, if you love travel, you can build it into your curriculum with a virtual travel research project, so really, this episode can count as curriculum research... right?

Eastern Europe might seem - from a distance - to be somehow stuck in a gray post-Communist cloud, but boy-oh-boy, the part that I'm in sure isn't!

So come with me today on a little tour of my family's favorite spots in this part of the world. And I hope someday they become some of your favorites too. 

Areas we'll explore: 

Prague (an amazing mix of old world and whimsical modernity)

Budapest (my top recommendation for Christmas-y travel)

Northwest Slovenia (my husband's dream destination)


Croatia (where I would love to live someday)

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