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The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast | ELA

Apr 20, 2023

This week on Highly Recommended  I’m sharing a hilarious podcast episode you can use from Smash Boom Best titled “Baths vs. Showers.” 

I discovered Smash Boom Best this year while I was on the hunt for great class podcasts. It’s a debate show, in which two guests come on and argue for their side of an argument topic suggested by kids. I’ve listened to shows on Dogs vs. Cats, Trick-or-Treating vs. Birthday Parties, Kung Fu vs. Tap Dancing, and Books vs. Movies. They’re pretty much all hilarious. 

A student calls in as judge, and awards points in each round of argument, and you and your students can do the same.

The first round is really well produced, with the debater using music, sound effects, and stories to complement their research and facts. It’s called the “Statement of Greatness.” The next round is something funny, like they have to imagine explaining their topic to aliens or making a movie trailer for their topic. The last main round is a sneak attack, where the contestants have to come up with some kind of specific pitch on the spot, like showing how great their topic is through words that rhyme with it. 

I’m sure your mind is already spinning with ways you could use this show to help kids practice argument and have fun debates. 

There are so many good episodes, but, as the student judge put it, the “fear-mongering” in the shower statement of greatness was incredibly effective (and sooooo funny). Listen in to find out why my family had serious trouble deciding who would win, and why your students will probably get a big kick out of this show.

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