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The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast | Education

Nov 15, 2021

Want to teach your students to apply critical thinking to their notetaking? Sketchnoting creates more engagement and retention, but not every kid comes to it naturally. In this interview with Sylvia Duckworth, find out how to teach all kids how to sketchnote, not just the ones who self-identify as artists.

Nov 3, 2021

If you're interested in teaching abroad, love travel, or are just curious what it's like to live in a country that's only been a country for a few decades, this episode's for you! If you're here strictly for the creative teaching ideas, I hear you. Don't worry, they'll be back in the next episode.

Oct 26, 2021

Ready to bring hexagonal thinking in as a creative discussion strategy for your students? Find out how in this podcast episode. You'll be amazed at the creativity and critical thinking that comes with hexagonal thinking.

In today's episode, we're turning the usual format around. Listen in as Amanda Cardenas from Brave...

Oct 19, 2021

Looking for flexible, creative activities to go with your next whole class novel unit? Find them here! In today's episode, I'm welcoming four surprise guests to share their favorite flexible go-tos for any novel unit. 

Learn more in the show notes at:

Let's connect on Instagram!...

Oct 5, 2021

Research is such a vital skill in ELA, but it's not always easy to get students to buy in. Let's explore some fresh takes on the traditional research paper. 

In this context, we'll talk about Dave Perkins' idea of "The whole game at the junior level." Find out how this simple concept can transform any unit, and change...