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The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast | ELA

Nov 2, 2022

Want to improve your classroom dynamics? Start with relationships, and watch how they can positively impact your daily life as a teacher in so many ways. In this episode, learn fun and easy strategies like post-it compliments and the googly eye connection from our guest CJ Reynolds, from Real Rap with Reynolds. Then watch - as your relationships deepen, your pedagogy will strengthen too. 

Today’s guest, CJ Reynolds, has spent seventeen years teaching high school literature and the history of hip hop in West Philadelphia (just a few blocks from the neighborhood The Fresh Prince left for Bel Air). Six years ago, he started a Youtube channel with his son, and when his son got sick of it, he and his wife started creating the videos he wished he had as a new teacher. Now, he’s working on that full time, helping others find and keep their footing in the world of teaching with compassion and creativity.

For CJ Reynolds, everything really comes down to building relationships with kids. Those relationships help you teach, show you what references to make, guide you in understanding what kids might be dealing with outside of school. All of this informs your practice as a teacher.

So today, let’s explore some of CJ’s top pieces of advice for building strong relationships with your students. Most of them are fun, many of them are unexpected, and all of them come from many years of practice.

Connect with CJ Reynolds

When you go check out CJ’s Youtube channel, consider starting with this video: “Reaching Every Student.”

You can also find much more of his work on his website, Real Rap with Reynoldspick up his book, or tune into his live Sunday sessions on Youtube or Facebook (the replays come out on his podcast right here).

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